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Math Instructor Syllabus / First Day Handout

Who are the Mathematics Instructors at Cape Fear Community College?
What are the Course Requirements?

Mathematics Instructors at CFCC are listed in alphabetical order by last name in the first column of the table below.

Links to the First Day Handouts (Instructor Syllabus) for courses each instructor usually teaches are in the second column. These handouts contain Course Description; Important Dates; Textbook and Materials Information; Attendance and Requirements; Evaluation, Testing, and Grading Information; and other course related information.

Disclaimer: The First Day Handouts are updated frequently; however, they may not be for the current academic term.

Full Time Math Instructors


First Day Handouts for Courses
NOTE:  The letter “I” after the course number indicates an Internet course.
            The letter “H” after the course number indicates an Honors course.
Bageant, Kimberly DMS 002I   MAT 110I    MAT 121I     MAT 143
Baughman, Valerie  DMA 010    DMA 060    DMS 002    MAT 110
Casey, Tommy DMA 065    MAT 171    MAT 171I    MAT 172
Ducloz, Cecilia MAT 143    MAT 171
Greenough, Caroline DMS 001I    DMS 002    DMS 002I    MAT 143
Gunter, Shannon DMS 001    DMS 001I    DMS 002I    DMA 050    DMA 060    MAT 143
Hinson, Jody DMA 065     MAT 171    MAT 171I    MAT 263    MAT 271I
Holleman, Susan MAT 171    MAT 171I    MAT 172
Hufham, Kenneth DMS001    MAT 171I     MAT 172    MAT 172I
Jones, Keenan DMS002    MAT 110    MAT 121    MAT 171
Melvin, Valerie MAT 152    MAT 152I    MAT 263    MAT 263I
Moore, Claude MAT 152I
Pittenger, Eric DMA 050    DMS 002    MAT 121
Shands, Jonathan DMA 060    MAT 121    MAT 122    MAT 122I    MAT 171    MAT 172
Sperry, Shana DMA065    DMS 002    MAT 143    MAT 143I    MAT 171    MAT171H
Stein, Emily DMS 002     MAT 171    MAT 172
Taylor, Laura DMA 065    MAT 143    MAT 143I    MAT 171I    MAT 172
Tingen, Larry DMS 002    MAT 143    MAT 152    MAT 152I    MAT 171
Tomczyk, David  MAT 152    MAT 171
Turner, Donald DMA 050    DMS 001    DMS 002    MAT 110    MAT 143
Walters, James DMA 050    MAT 171    MAT 271    MAT 272

Part Time Math Instructors


First Day Handouts for Courses
Albert, H. John  DMA 030    DMA 040
Antonino, Phillip  MAT 172
Deasy, J. Dennis  DMS 002
Figliolia, Jim  DMS 001    DMS 002
Freeman, Eric  DMS 001    DMS 002
Nye, Deloris  DMS 002
Reynolds, Erica  MAT 171    MAT 172
Sloan, Nell  MAT 171
Tyrpak, Jenny  MAT 171
Vicks, Brittany  DMA 050    DMA 065    DMS 001


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