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Who are the Physical Education Instructors at Cape Fear CC?
What are the Course Requirements?

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Physical Education Instructors at CFCC are listed in alphabetical order by last name in the first column of the table below. The instructor's name links to the instructor's webpage of information.

Links to the First Day Handouts for courses each instructor usually teaches are in the second column. These handouts contain Course Description; Important Dates; Textbook and Materials Information; Attendance and Requirements; Evaluation, Testing, and Grading Information; and other course related information.

Disclaimer: The First Day Handouts are updated at least annually, but they may not be for the current academic term.

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First Day Handouts for Courses
NOTE: The letter "I" after the course number, such as
PED 110I, indicates an Internet Class. The letter "Y" after the course number,

such as PED 110Y, indicates a Hybrid Class.

Harrell, Anita

PED 120   PED 143   PED 149

Keith, Sandi

PED 110   PED 113   PED 130   PED 143

Nye, Allison

PED 110   PED 110I  PED 110Y   PED 148   PED 210    PED 219

Parnell, Mike

PED 110   PED 117    PED120    PED145    PED 149

Ragon, Bruce

PED 110   PED 110I    PED 216

Wilson, Doc

PED 110    PED 110I   PED 110Y   PED 120 

PED 125  PED 128  PED 170