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Cape Fear Community College

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Developmental Mathematics Lab


The Mathematics Department faculty and staff want you to succeed in meeting your educational goals.  The topics covered in these courses are modules provided by Pearson Education. To access the course materials, click on the MyLab/Mastering button below.

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Below are links to several sites that contain information to assist you in successfully completing your developmental mathematics course(s). Click on the logo to access the website.


For supplemental information, you may view and study the videos available from Khan Academy.  The following links lead to the videos and other information that correspond to the course modules. If you have not used Khan Academy materials, you should view the tutorial Getting Started with Khan Academy. To view and/or use the Khan Academy materials that correspond to the course, click a button below.


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This site is Pearson Education's formerly CourseCompass site. Alternate links are and

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This is a free site where you may watch videos, practice, and increase your mathematical skills. This site contains "a library of over 2,800 videos..." (The quote is from KhanAcademy website.)

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This site contains information such as Placement Testing Schedule, How to prepare and practice for the Placment Test, FAQ's Abot the Placement Testing, Retest Policy, and much more information.

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This site lists and describes several FREE sites that are approved for your use to assist you in improving your study skills in mathematics such as How to Read a Math Textbook, Preparing for and Taking Math Tests, Suggestions for Word Problems, and many more tips.

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This site is FREE and contains "more than 2,500 Math page filled with short and easy-to-understand explanations." (The quote is from S.O.S. Mathematics website.)

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This site is FREE and allows you to "Enter what you want to calculate or know about:" and gives you an answer. (The quote is from WolframAlpha website.)


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