Media Center Mission

Welcome to the CFCC Media Centers site. The mission of the Media Center is to support the educational efforts of faculty and staff of Cape Fear Community College by providing audiovisual support.  Audiovisual support includes assistance with classroom educational equipment, except computers.  Assistance with the following fixed classroom equipment is provided: LCD/data projectors, smartcarts and podiums, audio equipment (including speakers).  Media Services also provides assistance with overhead projectors, slide projectors, film and filmstrip projectors, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, etc.


  • Supporting the maintenance and operation of equipment used in classroom instruction
  • Supporting on-campus educational activities taking place outside of the classroom
  • Supporting on-campus administrative, recreational, and other activities
  • Supporting off-campus educational activities sponsored or endorsed by CFCC
  • Supporting off-campus administrative, recreational, and other activities sponsored or endorsed by CFCC

Clem Doniere, Media Technician

Robert Carter, Media Technician

James Chittum, Media Technician