National certification for CFCC fire alarm systems classes to bring more earning power for students and better fire protection systems for the community

December 23rd, 2015 by admin

Technician checks fire panel in data center

Fire protection experts agree that having a fire alarm system that is properly designed and installed is critical to protect lives and property for both businesses and homeowners.

A few years ago, CFCC officials teamed up with local fire departments from New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington to develop a series of new courses designed to give local technicians a new level of expertise in the specialized field of fire systems technology. Today, those courses are now recognized by an organization which allows students to become nationally certified in the industry.

After successfully completing CFCC’s Fire Alarms Systems Training (FAST) courses, students will be better prepared to for the exam administered by the National Institute in Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).

“Many employers base hiring decisions, make salary adjustments and give bonuses to their technicians who earn NICET certification. Quality training is an essential part of preparation for NICET exams and for continuing professional development to maintain this valued credential.” said NICET’s Communications Director, Chip Hollis.

CFCC instructor Paul Inferrera explained that this certification will help students justify a higher wage for their skills and help provide the community with more properly designed and installed systems in commercial and residential facilities.

Inferrera, who has over 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry, said that the work of fire alarm systems technicians can affect business owners, property managers, building contractors, homeowners and area fire departments.

“Qualified fire alarm installation and service personnel are good for businesses, homeowners and the community as a whole. Systems that are not properly designed and installed will malfunction and may not respond when needed,” Inferrera said.

He added that properly designed and installed fire protection systems help reduce the number of false alarm calls for fire departments.

“The time and resources used by fire departments that are consumed by false alarm calls could be better used for prevention and education outreach programs,” Inferrera stated.

He added that fire detection and protection services affect anyone who is building or buying a home, renting property, operating a restaurant or a business building a facility to produce goods.

Officials with local fire protection services agree that having more qualified fire alarm technicians will help fire departments better use their resources.

“It is extremely important that all fire alarm technicians are fully qualified in their field of installing, inspecting and standing by their work,” said New Hanover County Deputy Fire Marshal Raymond Griswold.

City of Wilmington Fire Marshal Sammy Flowers is also pleased to hear about the certification of CFCC’s courses.

“After successful completion of these classes, it is our hope and belief there will be a more qualified workforce in the fire alarm field.  This potentially increases public safety, and confidence that fire alarms within the community will work properly when they are needed most,” said City of Wilmington Fire Marshal, Sammy Flowers.

CFCC’s FAST courses will start on Jan. 4, 2016. The cost is $180. For more information, please email