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CFCC scholarship campaign nets $1.1 million
Funds will help the region's needy students attend college

By Veronica Gonzalez
Star News - May 25, 2007

Tricia Fisher, a Cape Fear Community College student who bar tends part time, would not be studying interior design if it weren't for scholarships.

At times in her life, not even three jobs were enough to help her get through school before CFCC started pitching in for her education.

"My family doesn't have the money to give us an opportunity to get an education," said Fisher, a middle child who plans to graduate next year. "They told me if I wanted to go to college, it was up to me."

Fisher was one of three students who spoke Thursday at a fund-raising luncheon where it was announced that the college raised a record-breaking

$1.1 million for student scholarships. The college foundation had set its goal at $1 million.

By comparison, the community college foundation raised $800,000 for scholarships last year.

"We're not raising money for our salaries or notebook paper," said Margaret Robison, the foundation's executive director. "It's for our students."

At the luncheon, the college raised $178,251 - courtesy of those who attended.

At last year's luncheon, the college raised about $165,000, Robison said.

"It's a very gratifying thing to see that many … people provide that level of support to our students," said President Eric McKeithan, who is leaving his post this summer.

But it was students like Fisher - more than administrators - who will reap the benefits of how much money was raised in the past year.

"I wanted to cry up there," Fisher said later after speaking publicly. The 25-year-old left school for about a year because of medical issues.

"It's amazing," Fisher said of the college's fund-raising efforts. "I've had such a hard journey."



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