Taking Tests Online

Taking Tests Online

Before beginning a test in Blackboard, please be sure to check that your computer meets the technical requirements listed earlier in this Tutorial under Getting Started.

To take a test in Blackboard:

  1. Click on the title of the test.
    • Read any Instructions carefully.
  2. Click the green Begin button when you are ready to start the test.
  3. Carefully read each question and answer it to the best of your ability.
  4. Click the Submit button when you are finished.

How to Take a Test Online (Video – 3:03)

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Please Consider:

  • Only use a computer with a wired internet connection – do not try to take a test using a wireless connection or on a mobile device.
  • For timed exams, if you are able to save your questions and navigate away from the exam, the timer is still running.
  • Be sure to save your answers often.
  • Only ever have the one window or tab open when taking an online test.
  • If you need to type a long essay (more than a few sentences), consider typing it in a word processor and copying/pasting it into Blackboard. This way, your work will not be lost if you encounter technical difficulties.
    • Note: Copying into Blackboard from MS Word can cause formatting errors. Online Learning recommends attaching Word Documents, rather than copy/paste.
    • Alternatively, Copy your Word Document into Notepad and then from Note Pad , copy/paste into Blackboard.

Students completing activities in Blackboard are eligible to print a Certificate of Completion.

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