Viewing Your Grades in Blackboard

Viewing Your Grades in Blackboard

You can easily check your grades in many courses using the My Grades tool. Your instructor can choose where to place the link to view your Grades, but it is frequently placed on the left-hand Course Menu or in the area named Tools (it is typically named either “Grades” or “My Grades”). Your instructor should tell you where to find it.

To View your Grades:

  1. Enter your course site.
  2. Click the My Grades Link (either in the Course Menu or under Tools )
    • Some grade and instructor comments are visible from this view. To see all instructor comments and attachments, as well as your assignment and test details, click on the assignment name or view Rubric (if applicable).

Note: If you see a green square with an exclamation point icon under grades, your assignment or test has not been graded, but you can click the icon to view your submission and its date/time information.

Checking Your Grades (Video – 2:21)


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