Grade Center

Grade Center

The Grade Center contains student assessment submissions and other grading information for the course. Due to its flexibility, it can be complicated to learn how to manage, so it is strongly suggested that you spend some time working in this area of your course.

The Grade Center includes a row for each student and columns for informational items (name, last access date, etc.), assessments (tests, assignments, graded discussions, etc.), and total columns. The instructor can retrieve student submissions from the Grade Center and apply comments and file attachments, which students can view.

There are many options for viewing your Grade Center (filters and ordering tools). You can hide and show columns, reorder columns, create grade reports and much more.

Before your course starts, it is important for you to verify that your Grade Center is set up correctly. Are all graded items included? Are the columns properly organized? If you use grade weighting, is weighting set up correctly?


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