Replace Old Distance Learning and Campus Cruiser Language and Links

February 26th, 2014 by Rob Coyle

An important part of maintaining an online course is making sure that resources and information are kept up-to-date.  Over the last few years, Online Learning has gone through many changes.  With those changes have come changes in technology, web sites, and resources.  And this has affected the accuracy of information in your courses, as well as the usefulness of resources that you may have linked to in your course.

For these reasons, Online Learning asks that all instructors please check their courses for the following information and replace it accordingly:

  1. References to Campus Cruiser: CFCC now uses Blackboard.  Any references to Campus Cruiser and any related support documents are now outdated.
  2. References to Distance Learning: Distance Learning has now rebranded as Online Learning (to more accurately represent the offerings of the school).  As a result, students are getting used to hearing the term Online Learning and reference to Distance Learning may be confusing.
  3. Links to the Old DL Website: The old Distance Learning website and its resources have been replaced with a new student-facing Online Learning website.  Any links in your courses that refer to resources or information at now redirect to the homepage of Online Learning and not the linked resources.  All online student information is now available at
  4. Replace Links to (Contingency Plans): Student (and Instructor) access to Blackboard should go through the myCFCC Web Portal or directly to Blackboard at Other websites, such as will not work properly and should be removed.

Thank you for your assistance with these changes.