Spring Start-Up Info and Help from Online Learning

January 6th, 2014 by Brandon Davis-Shannon

Welcome back!

To help start the semester off smoothly, we at Online Learning would like to send a few pieces of information your way.

1. Enrollment Verification (EV).  As you ready your classes, please make sure that students are pointed to the EV assignment and that the due dates are correct. For the Spring semester, the EV (census) dates are:

    • 1st Mini Session: January 9
    • Full semester: January 15
    • 2nd Mini Session: March 12

For those not familiar with EV, it is a check to make sure students are attending class.  Students who do not meet its requirements are withdrawn from the course and marked as No-Shows.  You can find a full explanation at the Enrollment Verification page at the Online Learning site.

2. Blackboard Update. Over the break we upgraded to a new version of Blackboard. The changes are minor, but some useful tools have been added–such as tools for sending announcements to multiple courses at once and for automatically changing dates in courses.

If you’d like to find out more or just get some assistance with start-up, Online Learning is running a “What’s New in Blackboard?” session next week on three dates:

  • Tues, Jan 7th @ 9:30am in L-210 (Downtown)
  • Weds, Jan 8th @ 10am in L-210 (Downtown)
  • Thurs, Jan 9th @ 2pm in NA-211 (North)

Register for a session here.

3. Online Learning Website: Student Support Services. The Online Learning website now has a centralized list of Student Support Services that you can use to direct students to the appropriate resources (either by linking the whole page or copying and pasting the info into your own course).

4. Startup Help.  Remember, if you encounter any problems with Blackboard during start-up, we can be reached for assistance at 910-362-7772 or online@cfcc.edu.

Look for more resources and information from the department of Online Learning in the coming weeks.

Have a great semester!