Student Resources: Netiquette and Student Support

December 12th, 2013 by Rob Coyle

Online Learning is happy to announce two new resources that you  might consider using in your course:

  • Student Support: This page provides a list of all major student support services at the college, as well as links to their respective web pages for contact info and other resources.  Because this page will be regularly maintained by Online Learning, you can link to this page in your course and syllabus and know that students will get up-to-date info to the resources they need without you having to update each semester.
  • Netiquette: This page provides students with a rundown of the essentials of communicating both effectively and civilly online.  Link to this page as is or repurpose it for your own individual use.  We hope that these guidelines will help online discussions and exchanges run smoothly.

Note that both of these resources are housed at the Student Online Learning Site, which provides students with many other resources.