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Education Apps

These apps require user interaction with the tool. Educational apps offer both instructors and students digital mediums for applying classroom content. It also encourages demonstrations of concepts, creativity, and critical thinking.

The use of these tools are free, but most require registration and an email contact address.

Collaboration Projects

Many apps allow the users to work together in a document or project on separate devices in “real time”.  Google Docs, Voicethread, and Wiggio are some of the most commonly used applications among students for group projects.  These apps are especially useful for users who have difficult schedules or are attending remotely.

Digital Storytelling 

Digital Storytelling apps include a wide range of tools from animation software to video creation. These types of applications are great for student generated projects.

Diagramming and Mind Maps

Mind maps are useful tools for creating visual outlines of content. A general concept or word usually begins at the center of the map with sub texts “spidering” out from the center.

Image and Graphic Editing

There are a couple of free alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop that produce professionally edited images and graphics.

Map Tools

Google Maps for Education offers supplemental materials to content related to specific locations around the world.  Other tools featured on this page allow you to create “pins” and add your own stories to locations or draw on a Google map!

Presentation Apps

These applications offer alternatives to the standard PowerPoint and include web-based, mobile friendly applications that you can access anywhere, anytime. Don’t forget free!

Survey and Polling

Give a quick poll at the beginning of class to introduce new material or reinforce the old.  You can also create surveys, registration or contact forms, even administer a quick quiz.


Interactive timeline creator applications.  Add important historical or “life” events.  Include optional for adding multimedia such as images, video, etc.



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