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Update Contingency Plans

May 7th, 2014 by Rob Coyle

Prepare your Students: As you being to look forward and prepare for the new semester it is a good time to review your Contingency Plans. Many instructors provide students with an alternate URL for signing into Blackboard (, but that doesn’t give students any guidance on what to do if Blackboard itself is down, or if the student can’t sign in because they need to have a password reset from the HelpDesk. Consider give students additional guidance on alternate means to submit assignments, such as via email, so assigned work can still be completed on time. In other words, remove the excuse for late submission ‘because I couldn’t get into Blackboard.’

Once you have your Contingency Plan in place, don’t forget to review it with your students (I list my plans on the Course Syllabus and in my Getting Started section.)

Prepare Yourself: Aside from needing to log into Blackboard, what needs do you have that you might need a backup plan for? Do you need an alternate means of communicating with students in case Blackboard is down? (For example, you can email your entire class from WebAdvisor.)

Read more on Contingency Plans.

Read more on additional items that might need updating in your course.

Review the Course Readiness Checklist.

If you need help with any of the above items mention, or if you wish us to review your Contingency Plans, contact Online Learning.


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