Welcome Back from Online Learning

August 15th, 2014 by Brandon Davis-Shannon

Welcome back, Faculty!

We hope all of you had a great summer (whether you were on break or teaching).  To help start the semester off smoothly, we at Online Learning would like to send a few pieces of information your way.

1. Student Blackboard Tutorial.  There is a new student introduction to Blackboard!  This tutorial is more streamlined, focusing on the bare essentials like the tools most frequently used in courses.  Plus, it produces a certificate that students can present to you as proof that they have completed the tutorial.  Please consider asking your students to complete this tutorial during the first week of class.  They can find it under their course list titled “CFCC Blackboard Tutorial.”

The tutorial is also available outside of Blackboard sans practice activities and certificate, so take a look to get an idea of what the tutorial covers!

2. Enrollment Verification (EV).  As you ready your classes, please make sure that students are pointed to the EV assignment and that the due dates are correct. For the Spring semester, the EV (census) dates are:

  • 1st Mini Session: Aug 20th
  • Full semester: Aug 26th
  • 2nd Mini Session: Oct 17th

For those not familiar with EV, it is a check to make sure students are attending class.  Students who do not meet its requirements are marked as No-Shows and withdrawn from the course.  You can find a full explanation at the Enrollment Verification page at the Online Learning site.

3. Blackboard Upgrade.  And there are some changes that we think you’ll like a lot: SafeAssign is integrated with regular assignments, the test student feature has been replaced with a much better tool called Student Preview, and more.  To get you up to speed, Online Learning is offering three training sessions next week:

Times and Locations:

  • Tues, Aug 19th @ 9:30 in L-220
  • Weds, Aug 20th @ 2 in L-220
  • NORTH: Thurs, Aug 21st @ 2 in NA-311

Register for the workshop

4. Startup Help.  Remember, if you encounter any problems with Blackboard during start-up, we can be reached for assistance at 910-362-7772 or online@cfcc.edu.

Look for more resources and information from the department of Online Learning in the coming weeks.

Have a great semester!