What is Our Place?

Our Place dining room is collaborative event between two classes in the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts curriculums whereby food is produced and served for sale to the public during the class meeting times.

Students who are cooking and serving are doing so as lab hours in two required courses. Some students are very new to the tasks they are learning to perform and others have more proficiency. Not every student is yet in a position to be hired to be a server (or even bus person) in a white tablecloth restaurant or to be cooking at their assigned kitchen stations.

As they learn through their mistakes as well as their successes, the cost of the meal only covers the supplies used to create it. We ask that each guest fill out a comment card, rating their experience to assist student learning. Students in each class rotate through various positions including; server, student dining room manager, cashier, bus person, back waiter, chef of the day, grill, saute, dessert, soup, salad and dish room.
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