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Looking for a Job in Pender County or need a good employee? Get Help!

The major workforce agencies serving Pender County have joined resources to offer job seekers and employers a new approach to:

  • Education and Training

  • Job Search

  • Career Planning

  • Career Exploration


Through the development of a unique collaboration of agencies entitled the Pender County Career Center (see Pender County Career Center Business Plan). The Career Center is united to provide employment opportunities, training and support for job seekers and employers in Pender County. 

The agencies providing services for the Pender County Career Center include

The partnership of agencies in Pender County began collaborative efforts related to workforce development prior to the State’s formal implementation of JobLink Centers . Formal partnerships with additional service providers is a future goal of the Pender County Career Center. The Center’s purpose is to provide a user friendly informational and resource system about employment and training services to the general public and to employers.

Career Center Services

The Pender County Career Center is now accessible to customers Monday through Friday from who are seeking employment related services. The Center provides a new and comprehensive service delivery approach to workforce development by pooling and blending the resources and talents of the communities’ major workforce agencies and by building a stronger working partnership with local employers and other community organizations. The Career Center customer driven approach to service delivery provides the following benefits to the customers:

  • A single portal of entry to multiple workforce services and information
  • Access to a tier of services ranging from self-help service options to a comprehensive and intense level of services
  • Comprehensive services that are responsive to the changing needs of employers and local labor market demands
  • an increased job ready applicant pool
  • customer satisfaction ratings and service outcomes are the focus
  • comprehensive career and labor market information available to all customers

Whether the customer is a job seeker or employer all services are provided by a team of professionals, who have general and service specific expertise. The Pender County Career Center provides customers with options and choices of where to get the services that best meet their needs. The Center provides a seamless delivery of services under existing unemployment, employment, and job training programs. The Center is set up in a customer friendly, highly professional manner to provide high quality customer service. The basic principles for the Center are universality, customer choice, integrated system, and performance driven outcomes. The principle business of the Pender County Career Center is to provide customers with information and resources for employment and job training. The customers are defined as employers and individuals.

For employers the Career Center will:

  • respond to the changing needs of employers;
  • work aggressively to expand the number of employers being provided workforce development services;
  • develop a comprehensive menu of workforce services;
  • encourage participation in the Career Center through networking with established industry groups;
  • measure the employer responses as to the value of services received;

For individuals, the Career Center will provide:

  • extensive listing of jobs that are available locally, across the state and nation;
  • comprehensive information about career planning, financial aid and program funding, career transition, education/training options;
  • professional career advising to assist customers in managing their employment transition into an initial job, or from one job to another.

Core Services

Job Seekers Employers
Common intake Recruitment assistance
Eligibility/sponsorship determination Clearinghouse for training information
Evaluation/Assessment Apprenticeship programs
Career information Customized training
Case management (based on need for the service) Upgrade training
Labor market information Workforce literacy
Job placement Information on unemployment insurance
Post-placement follow-up Information on tax credits and other hiring incentives
Customer rating guides A team approach to filing job orders
Special services to persons with disabilities Labor market information services
Support services information and connections Rapid response information services
Training Information Employer interview
Resume preparation Outreach
Unemployment insurance information 1. Marketing Pender County
Filing for single UI claims 2. Job Development
Job Readiness training
Information on upgrading skills
Information Access (Internet)
Job Club

Through the collaborative efforts of the Pender County Career Center, employers and residents will derive benefits that have both an immediate and long-range impact. The Career Center is an evolving “work in progress” for Pender County. The partnership is developing a system designed to accommodate change and to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. The partners realize that no single group can secure good jobs for a diverse workforce, a self-sufficient population, and a growing economy. The Pender County Career Center will contribute significantly to achieving the following results:

  • Increased numbers of job ready individuals
  • improved workforce skills
  • Increased tax base
  • Reduced dependency on public assistance programs
  • Improved quality of life through self-sufficiency and job satisfaction
  • Enhanced economic development recruitment efforts
  • Increased diversity of employment opportunities
  • Improved worker productivity
  • Improved effectiveness, efficiency and management of employment and training services

Guiding Principles and Mission Statement

A unified approach between public workforce agencies, business and industry will champion new alliances and promote new ways of delivering needed education, employment and training. The development of a comprehensive workforce service delivery system has incorporated the following four guiding principles:


  • Provide access to high quality information and services for job seekers, workers, employers and students
  • Provide a common menu of services characterized as user friendly
  • Responsive to all customers – individuals needing to improve their job situation and employers

Customer Choice

  • Choice of access
  • Customer-driven
  • Customer determines range and level of service


  • Shared vision
  • Resource sharing/team work
  • Shared information
  • Co-location and/or effective linkage of services
  • Crossed trained staff
  • New ways of thinking about services and customers

Performance Driven/Outcome Based

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Number of individuals finding/keeping jobs
  • Skilled workforce
  • Improved job situations
  • Economic independence


The Pender County Career Center partners are committed to serving both employers and residents of the County as reflected in the leadership’s basic mission:

We provide our citizens and employers with the highest quality of customer focused and user friendly career planning, training, and placement services. Each customer receives prompt and courteous attention from a dedicated team of Pender County staff. Continuous improvement, planning, teamwork, and open communication are the keys to success.


The objectives are:

  • Identify services needed by employers and the available workforce.
  • Facilitate education and/or training to meet the ever-changing needs of employers.
  • Provide high quality cost-effective programs that produce a labor efficient workforce.
  • Operate a fiscally sound system.
  • Meet objectives through customer-focused and customer-driven services.

Strategic Direction

  • Give Pender County a comprehensive and accessible service system that addresses the employment needs of job seekers and employers.
  • Enhance and broaden collaboration and partnerships between service providers and employers in Pender County, thus improving the quality of life in the county and meeting workforce needs.

Marketing Strategy

Employers have stated the need for employees who have good transferable skills as well as good skills to understand the nuances of their new job requirements; employees who are focused, ambitious and exhibit a good work ethic.

Our goal is to meet these needs so customers will be better informed and will have opportunities for continuous growth and enrichment.

The marketing strategy is:

  • to create awareness
  • to educate market segments through consistent and regular efforts
  • to design marketing toward targeted customer groups
  • to coordinate efforts with those of other groups, such as the Workforce Development Board and JobReady

Wilmington Campus
411 North Front Street
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North Campus
4500 Blue Clay Road
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Burgaw Center
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Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Accessibility Services

Cape Fear Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, political affiliation or age.