What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

Pharmacy Technician duties can be characterized under the following three function areas:

  • Assisting the pharmacist in serving patients
  • Maintaining medication and inventory control systems
  • Participating in the administration and management of pharmacy practice

Depending upon the type of pharmacy, these duties can include:

  • Assisting the pharmacist in labeling and filling prescriptions
  • Assisting patients in dropping off and picking up prescriptions
  • Entering prescriptions into the computer
  • Verifying that customers receive correct prescription(s)
  • Compounding oral solutions, ointments, and creams
  • Scheduling and maintaining workflow
  • Prepackaging bulk medications
  • Screening calls for pharmacists
  • Ordering medication
  • Working with insurance carriers to obtain payments and refilling authority
  • Preparing medication inventories
  • Preparing chemotherapeutic agents
  • Compounding total parenteral nutrition solutions
  • Compounding intravenous admixtures
  • Assisting in outpatient dispensing
  • Assisting in inpatient dispensing
  • Purchasing and billing

For additional information, see Nature of the Work http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/pharmacy-technicians.htm