Program by Campus

Wilmington Campus Majors

Course Code Course Name Degree
A10100 Associates in Arts (College Transfer) A.A.
A10400 Associates in Engineering (College Transfer) A.E.
A10400 Associates in Science (College Transfer) A.S.
C35100 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Certificate
D35100 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Diploma
A10300A Associate Degree Nursing AGE
A10300 Associate in General Education AGE
A60160 Automotive Systems Technology AAS
D60160 Automotive Systems Technology Diploma
C60160A Automotive Systems Technology Certificate
A55130 Baking and Pastry Arts AAS
D35120 Boat Building Diploma
C35120 Boat Building Certificate
D60330 Boat Manufacturing and Service Diploma
A10300CS Cardiovascular Sonography AAS
A20120 Chemical Technology AAS
D60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Diploma
C60130 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Certificate
A35190 Construction Management Technology AAS
C35190 Construction Management Technology Certificate
A55150 Culinary Arts AAS
D55150 Culinary Arts Diploma
A10300D Dental Assisting AGE
A10300H Dental Hygiene AGE
A60460 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology AAS
D60460 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Diploma
C60460 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Certificate
A55220 Early Childhood Associate AAS
D55220 Early Childhood Associate Diploma
C55220 Early Childhood Associate Certificate
A25110 Hospitality Management AAS
C25110 Hospitality Management Certificate
A15320 Marine Technology AAS
A10300G Medical Sonography AGE
A10300O Occupational Therapy Assistant AGE
A10300M Pharmacy Technology—Diploma AGE
A10300Q Pharmacy Technology—Degree AGE
A10300P Phlebotomy AGE
A10300L Practical Nursing AGE
A10300R Radiography AGE
A10300RIBN Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses AAS
A10300S Surgical Technology AGE
T90990 Special Credit Non-Degree Seeking
T90990L Lifelong Learner Non-Degree Seeking

North Campus Majors

Course Code Course Name Degree
A25100 Accounting* AAS
D25100 Accounting* Diploma
C25100 Accounting* Certificate
A40100 Architectural Technology* AAS
C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training* Certificate
A25120 Business Administration* AAS
D25120 Business Administration—Office Systems* Diploma
C25120 Business Administration—Customer Service* Certificate
C25120A Business Administration—Management & Supervision* Certificate
C25120B Business Administration—Banking and Finance* Certificate
C25120D Business Administration—Office Systems* Certificate
C25120E Business Administration—Entrepreneurship* Certificate
C25120F Business Administration—Project Management* Certificate
C25120G Business Administration—International Business* Certificate
D35180 Carpentry* Diploma
C35180 Carpentry* Certificate
A55370 Community Spanish Interpreter* AAS
A50210 Computer Integrated Machining* AAS
C50210 Computer Integrated Machining* Certificate
A25590 Information Technology (IT)* AAS
D25590A Information Technology (IT)* Diploma
C25590A Information Technology (IT)* Certificate
D25590D IT Software Development* Diploma
C25590D IT Software Development* Certificate
D25590B IT Security* Diploma
D25590G IT Web Development* Diploma
C25590G IT Web Development* Certificate
D25590C IT Network Administration* Diploma
C25590H IT Cisco Networking* Certificate
C25590D IT Network Technology* Certificate
D25590B IT Information Security* Diploma
C25590C IT Information Systems Security* Certificate
D25590E IT Information Systems Administration* Diploma
C25590I IT Computer Forensics* Certificate
C25590A IT Computer Hardware* Certificate
D25590F IT Systems Administration* Diploma
C25590F IT Operating Systems Admin* Certificate
C25590J IT Visualization Technology* Certificate
A55140 Cosmetology* AAS
D55140 Cosmetology* Diploma
C55140 Cosmetology* Certificate
C55160 Cosmetology Instructor* Certificate
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology* AAS
C55180 Criminal Justice Technology* Certificate
C55180S Criminal Justice Technology–Industrial Security* Certificate
A35130 Electrical Systems Technology* AAS
D35130 Electrical Systems Technology* Diploma
C35130 Electrical Systems Technology* Certificate
A40200 Electronics Engineering Technology* AAS
D40200 Electronics Engineering Technology* Diploma
C40200 Electronics Engineering Technology* Certificate
C40200C Electronics Engineering Technology—Industrial Controls* Certificate
A45340 Emergency Medical Science* AAS
A45340B Emergency Medical Science—Bridge* AAS
C55230 Esthetics Technology* Certificate
A30140 Film and Video Production Technology* AAS
D30140 Film and Video Production Technology* Diploma
C30140 Film and Video Production Technology* Certificate
A55240 Fire Protection Technology* AAS
A25510 Healthcare Business Informatics* AAS
D50240 Industrial Systems Technology* Diploma
C50240 Industrial Systems Technology* Certificate
A30220 Interior Design* AAS
A55300 Interpreter Education* AAS
A15260 Landscape Gardening* AAS
C15260 Landscape Gardening—Basic* Certificate
C15260R Landscape Gardening—Retention Pond Management* Certificate
A50460 Nuclear Technology* AAS
A25380 Paralegal Technology* AAS
D25380 Paralegal Technology* Diploma
C25380C Paralegal Technology—Civil Litigation* Certificate
C25380R Paralegal Technology—Real Property* Certificate
D35300 Plumbing* Diploma
C25480 Real Estate* Certificate
C40370R Renewable Energy Technology* Certificate
A40370 Sustainability Technologies* AAS
C40370 Sustainability Technologies* Certificate
C40370S Sustainability Technologies—Sustainable Building* Certificate
C60300 Truck Driver Training* Certificate
D50420 Welding Technology* Diploma
C50420 Welding Technology—SMAW/GTAW* Certificate
C50420F Welding Fabrication* Certificate
A10300V Veterinary Medical technology AAS