Fire Protection Technology

The fire protection program is designed to meet the increasing demands placed on fire service personnel.  This two-year associate’s degree serves to prepare the student for employment or advancement within the fire service.  Fire protection technology is wide-ranging.  It involves the study of many areas, such as; building construction, health/wellness and safety, fire department management, supervision, budgeting, emergency management, legal issues, fire investigation, hazardous materials, inspections and codes, fire prevention, and strategies and tactics.

I. General Education Courses (Semester Credit Hours)

ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry (3)

ENG 114 Professional Research & Reporting (3)

MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy (3)

HUM 115 Critical Thinking (3)

POL 120 American Government (3)

II. Major Courses (Semester Credit Hours)

FIP 120 Introduction to Fire Protection (3)

FIP 124 Fire Prev and Public Education (3)

FIP 132 Building Construction (3)

FIP 152 Fire Protection Law (3)

FIP 220 Fire Fighting Strategies (3)

FIP 228 Local Government Finance (3)

III. Other Major Courses (Semester Credit Hours)

CIS 110 Introduction to Computers (3)

FIP 128 Detection and Investigation (3)

FIP 136 Inspections and Codes (3)

FIP 156 Computers in Fire Service (2)

FIP 162 Firefighter Safety and Wellness (3)

FIP 164 OSHA Standards (3)

FIP 221 Advanced Fire Fighting Strategies (3)

EPT 140 Emergency Management (3)

FIP 240 Fire Service Supervision (3)

FIP 256 Municipal Public Relations (3)

FIP 276 Managing Fire Services (3)

Total Credits 65