How can I become a Real Estate Agent?


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Check out this great resource for information on the real estate licensing processes in the state of North Carolina:

Real Estate Licensing Booklet

Spring Real Estate Classes Begin on Thursday, January 4th

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Our Spring semester is 16 weeks. The Broker Prelicensing RLS 112 course meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students have a choice of taking it in the morning or evening. An optional, but recommended, Real Estate Math RLS 113 course is taught in conjunction with the Broker Prelicensing course.  Laurel Pettys is the instructor for both courses.

If you chose the summer semester it is 10 weeks. The Broker Prelicensing course is taught four mornings a week Monday through Thursday. The optional Real Estate Math course is taught three mornings a week Monday through Wednesday. 

All real estate classes are taught at the north campus on Blue Clay Road.   

Click here to apply!   Great News! You do NOT need any transcripts or placement tests!! Please call Sue at 362-7053

Be prepared to sit for the NC Licensure Examination in only one semester – take RLS 112: Broker Pre-licensing in the spring semester of 2018! Classes run from January 4th through May 8th.