“Slow Growth But Positive Signs Ahead, Say Experts”


In a recent Greater Wilmington Business Journal article…. “William (Woody) Hall, economist at UNCW, forecasted a 2.5% rate of growth for the next year but with a number of conditions.”

To find out more Click on the link.  http://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/industry_news_details.php?id=5941

Do You Know How The Local Market Is Really Doing?

Father and Son

Are you aware of how the local real estate market is really doing today compared to last year?  “Figures recently released by the WRAR showed an 18% hike in the number of homes sold in the greater Wilmington area in July, compared to July, 2012.”  To find out even more Click on this link.   http://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/industry_news_details.php?id=5765

Rising Mortgage Rates

What is the impact of rising interest rates on the buying power of potential homebuyers? 

house and dollar sign

To find out click here. http://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/industry_news_details.php?id=5688

Is Farmland the New Cash Crop?

Stacks of Money

Is farmland really the new cash crop?  Read the article written by J. Elias O’Neal in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal and find out.  “Travel along Interstate 40 from the congested maze of roadways that criss-cross Wilmington, and the landscape quickly transforms into a postcard scene of pure North Carolina country living.”  To read the entire article click here.   http://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/industry_news_details.php?id=5684

Local Home Sales Continue To Show Gains

Growing home sales

A recent article in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal states “Home sales continue to post sizable gains across the region.”  In fact the author goes on to note “Figures recently released by the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors showed an 18 percent hike in the number of homes sold in the greater Wilmington area in July compared to July 2012.”   To read the entire article click on the link below.   


Are You Interested In Commercial Real Estate?

A recent article in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal notes that commercial real estate, especially the retail market is picking up.                For the complete article click on the link.       http://www.wilmingtonbiz.com/industry_news_details.php?id=5632

Pending Home Sales Hit Highest Point Since 2006

Growing home sales

The good news reported in a recent Realtor.com article is….

“The housing market has been undergoing significant improvements in the past year, and that trend is reflected in a variety of ameliorating real estate statistics, including the still-growing number of home sales.”  To read more click here.

Wilmington Ranked Among Best Housing Markets


WWAY reported in May, 2013 that Wilmington was ranked among the best housing markets in this area.  To read the full article click here.



Residential Real Estate Sales Increase

Residential home sales are steadily increasing in our region.  This trend shows a lot of promise for a strong rebound in our area real estate market.  Jump into the industry now by working toward your real estate license at Cape Fear Community College’s Real Estate School!

Learn more about this promising trend by reading this article in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal!