RIBN Program Requirements

2017 UNCW/CFCC RIBN Application Requirements at a Glance

  1. Email Erin Escarsega, RIBN Student Success Advisor at eescarsega@cfcc.edu when you plan to apply to RIBN, including:
  • Full Name
  • Are you a High School student or transfer student?
  • CFCC Student ID # (if applicable)
  • Are you currently a UNCW student (if yes, you can stop here at #3)?
  • Have you previously applied to UNCW?
  1. Apply and be accepted to Cape Fear Community College
  • Meet minimum placement scores for English OR college credit for ENG 111 or higher
  • Meet minimum placement scores for Math OR college credit for MAT 171 or higher
  1. Apply and be accepted to UNCW for Fall 2017
  1. Once the above requirements are met, students may place an Intent to Apply to RIBN during the application period at Cape Fear Community College in the counseling department. You may walk-in to apply, or schedule an appointment with Erin Luce, RIBN Student Success Advisor.
  1. Students will be registered to take the Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) Exam in person at Cape Fear Community College at the time the RIBN Intent to Apply is filed. The cost is $25.

RIBN Point Count:

PSB Score:

  • Verbal
  • Arithmetic
  • Nonverbal
  • Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Nature Sciences
  • Vocational Adjustment Index
  • *Must score 30% or higher in each category


Erin Escarsega RN BSN
Wilmington RIBN advisor

Cape Fear Community College
411 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401-3901
Counseling Department
2nd Floor, Union Station

Phone: 910.362.7634
Fax: 910.362.7087
Email: eescarsega@cfcc.edu