General Assembly Meeting

Minutes 1/22/14


Yoel Del Rio, Jennifer Blum, Destinee Masi, Elly Penning, Allisha LaGrange, Alex Munsey, Jacob Whitehead, Chris Hatcher, Kelly Johnson, Victor Brown, Kaylynn Patchkofsy, Jon Robertie, Danyelle Johnson, Ty Whitley, Chris Libert, Kenneth Hufham, Katie Kovaleski, Marc Miller, Travis Copeuin, Leslie Douglas, Waleed Jarrod, Sarah Dickson, Larisa Benton, Katie Easter.

Called To Order:

Vice President Yoel Del Rio filled in for President Julian Sloop today and called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.

Approval of Minutes:

Minutes from the December 2013 meeting were approved by the general assembly.

Guest Speaker:

  • Robbie McGee, Athletic director and director of student activities came to speak to the general assembly and asked everyone to introduce themselves so that we could be aware of who all was at the meeting. He spoke of the progress the SGA has made over the years.


New Business:

  • Elections are coming up soon. The executive council explained the process to the general assembly and questions were answered. Elections are scheduled for Spring Fling in April. More information will be distributed at future meetings
  • It was announced that we are still looking for ideas from each club for our spring project. SGA pitched the idea of doing a more combined week-long event to benefit The Good Shepherd Ministry. There will be different levels of involvement so that everyone could be comfortable doing something.
  • SGA Advisor Mr. Hufham announced CFCC’s Open House on April 5th.  Clubs were encouraged to participate by show casing their organization and its activities. Tables will be provided for clubs whom wish to host a display.
  • SGA Treasurer Ally LaGrange explained the teens for jeans project which will be ending February 15th, 2014. Everyone was encouraged to spread the word in hopes of surpassing last year’s total. The goal is to collect 100 pairs of jeans for the homeless.
  • A lottery for the right to work the CFCC parking lots during the Azalea Festival will be held again this year. If your club needs extra money, this is an excellent opportunity to raise funds. Clubs were asked to contact men’s basketball coach Ryan Mantlo if they want to be included in the drawing.


  • Jon Roberti, Anthropology club, voiced his concern for the amazon rain forest. He wants to get people involved with a petition against illegal dam construction that is being done on then Amazon River.
  • Chris Libert announced the homecoming game will be Friday, February 7, 2014. He explained the banner contest requirements and the new contest involving recruitment boxes for clubs that will be displayed at the homecoming game.
  • Travis, 3M coordinator, talked to the general assembly about the Hillman Experience. He needs volunteers to help make this experience happen. It will be held on Friday February 7, 2014.


Yoel Del Rio adjourned the meeting at 5:06pm.

Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor