SGA General Assembly Meeting

  • Minutes 10/21/13


    Call To Order:

    • Julian called the meeting to order at 3:29pm



    • Carlos Ramos, Linn Styes, Elly Penning, Andy Hommelsheim, Bryan Ford, Alex Munsey, Clayton Hamerski, Robert Berkowitz, Jen Blum, Chelsy Cox, Erica Truman, Jennifer Knight, Victer Brown, Warren Holt, Waleed Jarrad, Kenneth Hufham, Chris Libert, Ty Whitley, Danyelle Johnson, Billy Koch

    Old Business:

    • Mrs. McGimsey discussed the college bowl and presented the final rules and registration dates. College bowl will be November 19th from 3pm- 6pm. Teams need to be signed up at least a week ahead of time.
    • Julian announced that clubs need to submit their annual renewal forms to Mr. Hufham ASAP. These were due at the beginning of the semester.
    • Julian gave details about the N4CSGA Fall Conference in Charlotte. The conference will be held November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
    • Julian talks about the club calendar. If your club is having an event, please post it on the calendar. Hopefully the other clubs and organizations will see it and we can better support from one another.
    • Julian discussed his role with college council and encouraged student to come to him with any concerns or suggestions so he can take them to the council.


    New Business:

    • Ally went over final details for the Good Shepherd Ministries project. The dates are Nov. 4th – Dec. 6th. She is in need of help with the project and asked for volunteers to serve on the committee with her.
    • Destinee talked about Toys for Tots program. Final dates are set for this project. It begins Nov. 4th and ends Dec. 13th. She needs help with this project as well. Also, there is a basketball game in support of toys for tots on Dec. 19th.
    • Yoel congratulated the new senators and announces that there will be interviews following the meeting for the senators that were applying for officer positions.
    • Yoel discussed the Listening forums with Dr. Spring and encouraged all students to attend.
    • Speaker from NAMI
      • Brian Ford, VP of the club stated that meetings are scheduled for every Monday at 3:00. NAMI is also involved with a lot of events on campus.

    Open Floor:

    • Carlos suggests showing the CFCC Clubs and Organizations calendar on the projector during meetings so that everyone can see the events coming up in case they do not have access to a computer.
    • Nuclear Tech club announced that they are hosting a guest speaker (Margaret Harden) at north campus. Duke energy and GE will be there. The program is open to the public. Warren also informed everyone that they are participating in the ALS walk. His hope is that CFCC will become more involved with this worthy event.
    • Gary talked about the Cyber Security forum. He wants to make everyone aware that we should be showing representation at all school events.





    Julian adjourned the meeting at 4:03 PM.


Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor