SGA General Assembly Minutes

November 18, 2013


Julian Sloop, Yoel Del Rio, Destinee Masi, Ally LaGrange, Alex Munsey, Bryan Ford, Jacob Whitehead, Jen Blum, Brooke Robati, Jennifer Knight, Leslie Douglas, Victer Brown, Teresa Davis, Warren Holt, Deihlia Bell, Nikki Taltom

Call to Order:

Julian Sloop called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM

Approval of Minutes:

The October minutes were approved by the officers and the general assembly

New Business:

  • Introduction of new officers: Alex Muncey – Chief Executive Officer, Jen Blum – Parliamentarian, Elly Penning – Public Information Officer
  • A. Braham Dyer spoke about an opportunity for students work with NASA. He is in the program and the benefits are outstanding. There is an online webinar on Thursday for those interested in applying. Interested students can go to the program website at NCAC.AEROSPACESCHOLARS.ORG for more information or to apply online. Please contact him at abdyer033@mail.cfcc.edu or 228-6831 if you need any assistance.
  • Julian asked for suggestions and help in planning the holiday party for the general assembly that will be held on December 2nd.
  • Julian announced plans to have all of the clubs work on a large group project for the spring semester. He asked the members to think about ideas and bring them the suggestion to the December meeting.

Old Business:

  • Julian reminded everyone that the College Bowl that will be held on November 19th. He encouraged everyone to attend.
  • Ally LaGrange updated everyone on the progress of the Good Shepherd Ministry project. Information was distributed giving the location of all collection boxes.
  • Destinee Masi gave an update on the progress of the Toys for Tots project. Information was distributed giving the location of all collection boxes.
  • Julian reminded everyone to begin thinking of ideas as to what they would like to see at Spring Fling. He also mentioned the possibility of a carnival theme.


  • Yoel gave a brief summary of the N4CSGA Fall Conference that was held in Charlotte on November 1st – 3rd.  Seven students and one advisor attended. The N4CSGA State Convention will be held in Durham, NC the weekend of March 28-30, 2014.
  • Yoel also reminded the group to attend DR Spring’s listening tour events. It is an excellent opportunity for student’s voice to be heard.
  • Alex Munsey reminded all clubs to submit their annual club renewal form if they have not already done so. This information is vital to the SGA and help setup the communication network to successfully operate with peak efficiency.
  • The SGA office in S400 is open. All members are invited to stop by for a cup of coffee and some conversation.
  • Warren stated that the N4CSGA eastern region is looking for a new representative. The position requires travel to attend a meeting once a month.
  • The Sociology club is hosting a movie night on this Thursday at 3:30 PM in S-002. All students are invited to attend.


Julian Sloop adjourned the meeting at 4:02pm.

Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor