SGA General Assembly

December 2, 2013


Kenneth Hufham- Advisor, Chris Libert-Advisor, Julian Sloop-President, Yoel Del Rio-Vice President, Destinee Masi-Secretary, Ally LaGrange-Treasurer, Elly Penning-PIO, Jen Blum-Parlametaian, Alex Munsey-CEO, Logan Stull-Political Science, Haleigh Johnson-Political Science, Zachary Daniel-Political Science, Clayton Hamerski-Political Science, Robert Berkoitz-Political Science, Jennifer Knight-PTK, Kristen Gerth-secretary Athletic department, Warren Holt-Nuclear Tech Club, Ty Whitley-Sociology Club, Daniel Smith-FCA Advisor, Jacob Whitehead-FCA, Jade McClendis-NAMI, Kelly Stanley-NAMI Advisor, Gibson Slomkoski-NAMI, Bryan Ford-NAMI, Danny Johnson-Anthropology, Arthur Norris-student, Katie Esaep-student, Nikki Talton-Paralegal, Deede Bell-Paralegal

Call to Order:

  • Julian Sloop called the meeting to order at 3:40pm


Approval of Minutes:

  • Minutes from November meeting were approved by the general assembly.

Old Business:

  • Julian talked to the general assembly about the group project proposal.  We will be voting on a project on January 22nd.  Clubs were encouraged to submit ideas prior to the January meeting.
  • Toys for Tots and The Good Shepherd boxes will be collected on the 13th of December. Everyone was encouraged to participate by bringing a toy or other items.
  • The SGA will be establishing committees to work on select projects during the spring semester.


  • Clubs were encouraged any bring any suggestions, comments, or concerns they may have to Julian. The SGA will address them in the appropriate manner.


  • Meeting was adjourned at 3:51pm

Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor