Minutes 9-26-13

September 12th, 2013 by kchufham99

August 26, 2013

Call To Order:

Julian Sloop called the meeting to order at 3:28 pm.


Kenneth Hufham(SGA advisor), Chris Libert (SGA co-advisor), Julian Sloop(President), Yoel DelRio(Vice President), Destinee Masi(Secretary), Allisha LaGrange(Treasurer), Carlos Ramos (Math), Andreas Hommelsheim, Warren Holt (Nuclear Maintenance), Bryan Ford, Joe Rodriguez, Jennifer Blum, Rosalind Williams, Aaron Sladick, Brooke Robati, Ritchie Roberts, Janice Clifford, Leslie Douglas, Anna Williams, Megan Carpenter, Ray Boyette, Akeilah Campbell, Emmanuel Rodriquez, Ty Whitley, Waleed Jarrad, Billy Koch, Kaherine Gyter, A. Branham Dyer.

Officer introduction:

Julian introduced all of the new officers and each officer introduced themselves and told a little bit about themselves. Mr. Hufham was also introduced as the new SGA advisor.

Club Introductions:

Each club that had someone there to represent them introduced themselves and told a little bit about their club, what they do, and what they plan to do this year. Some of the people there to represent their clubs were Carlos Ramos, the president of the math club, Warren Holt from the nuclear technology club, Joe Rodriguez a fine arts major, and Leslie Douglas from the anthropology club.

New Business:

Janet made a presentation on mental illness. She is seeking the SGA’s support of MANI/Wilmington (National Alliance on Mental Health). The area chapter is hosting its 11th Annual WALK for Awareness on October12th at Hugh MacRae Park. This event is their major fund raiser for the year and the monies are used to support local activities and events.

Waleed spoke about starting a school newspaper. He requested that interested individuals contact him for more information.

Waleed made a presentation in support of the organization STOP HUNGER NOW. This group is responsible for putting together food packages that are collected and sent to countries to help eliminate hunger. He would like to see CFCC become a center to assist in the packaging of the food items for distribution.

Kate Santhufff (CFCC Service Learning Coordinator) made a presentation on Noblehour, the new program to track service learning hours.  She also talked about the Not4Sale program. This program is designed to increase awareness of the problem of human trafficking.

Allisha LaGrange talked about teens for jeans program and the good shepherd ministry. Teens for jeans is an organization that distributes clothes to the needy. She would also like to get people involved with donating toiletries to the good shepherd ministry.

Fall Festival:

Chris Libert announced the dates for Fall Festival. They are Wednesday Sept. 25th from 11-2 PM on the downtown campus and Thursday Sept. 26th from 11-2 PM on the north campus.


Meeting Adjourned:

Julian Sloop adjourned the meeting at 4:36 pm

Student Clubs and Activities Contact

Chris Libert
Assistant Director
Student Activities/Athletics