General Assembly Meeting

Minutes 4/22/14

Attendance: Julian Sloop, Alex Munsey, Kenneth Hufham, Chris Libert, Pete Gillman, Estes, Yoel Del Rio, Teresa Criser, Donyelle, Johnson, Jeffrey Barrett, Victor Braun, Jacob Whitehead, Erica Truman

Called To Order:

President Julian Sloop called the meeting to order at 4:07 PM.

Approval of Minutes:

Minutes from the March 2014 meeting were approved by the general assembly.

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Ted Spring, CFCC President, introduced the discussion topics of future improvements of technology, communication, and overall efficiency on campus.
  • Kim Grant, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, elaborated on the discussion topics and then opened up a forum for the students to share ideas they have that could better the school. The free flow of ideas and suggestions were both interesting and well thought out. Dr. Spring promised to give each recommendation careful consideration.
  • Dana McKoy, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, and Yoel Del Rio, SGA Vice President, presented the True Blue campaign encouraging students to donate the amount in dollars and cents equivalent to their graduation class. This year’s class is asked to      donate $20.14. Each donation is given directly to the department of choice. Donations can be made at www.cfcc.edu/trueblue.

Old Business: 

  • No old business

New Business:

  • SGA election time has begun. Campaigning will begin on Monday April 21st and the voting will begin on April 28th.


  • Spring Fling is this Wednesday and Thursday the 24th and 25th from 11 AM to 2:00 PM




Julian Sloop adjourned the meeting at 5:11PM.

Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor