Student Government Association

General Assembly Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 16, 2013

Call To Order:

Julian Sloop called the meeting to order at 3:31 pm.  The Executive council and the rest of the general assembly approved the minutes from last month’s meeting.


Kenneth Hufham (SGA advisor), Chris Libert (Co-advisor of SGA), Julian Sloop( SGA president), Yoel DelRio (SGA vice president), Destinee Masi (SGA secretary), Allisha LeGrange(SGA treasurer), Alex Munsey(SGA), Elly Penning(SGA), Jennifer Knight(Phi Theta Kappa), Linh Styes(math club), Carlos Ramos(math club), Lori Harrison(CFANS), Bryan Ford(psych club), Andy Hommelsheim(math club), Jennifer Blum, Autumn McGimsey, Amanda Lingenfelter(global Ed. committee),  Kristen ONeil(drama club), Casey Edwards(nuclear tech club), Warren Holt(nuclear tech club), Rat Boyette(SGA), Katherine Gsaeop(anthropology club), Rosalind Williams, Ty Whitley(SFS3), Waleed Jarrad (ambassadors), Moira Matthews(SOTH club).

President Report:

Julian announced that the dates of Fall Festival are September 25th from 11AM-2PM on the downtown campus, and September 26th from 11AM – 2PM  on the north campus.

Leadership Surveys:

Chris Libert presented the leadership surveys that club members and club leaders were asked to participate in. The surveys will be repeated at the end of the second semester to be compared and evaluated to see how clubs affect student’s leadership skills.


Julian announced that the CFCC calendar is now posted on the CFCC homepage and is ready for clubs and organizations to begin posting their events.  Each club has their own personal calendar that will be public so that everyone can see it. We can navigate around each other’s schedules.   Clubs should let Kenneth Hufham know who is in charge of posting to their calendar as soon as possible.


Good Shepard:

Julian announced the plan for the Good Shepard project, and the entire council voted on whether or not to go through with it. The vote was unanimous, we will be doing to project, and more details will be discussed at the next executive council meeting and then released at the next general assembly meeting.

The Green Committee:

Abbey Perry filled in for guest speaker Gena McKinley, on speaking for the green committee.  They are trying to get more people to put more efforts towards reducing our carbon footprint in the environment. They will have info booth at Fall Fest, and they will also be having a “Green” car show on October 3rd from 11-2 in Tabitha’s Courtyard.

Books for students:

Shannon Shaughnessy came to talk about her idea to get books to more students who do not qualify for financial aid, yet cannot afford books. Shannon would like to start asking student to donate their books instead of selling them back, and also using the old editions of the books that the departments keep, and allowing for students to use them. Julian suggested using the library system in order to keep track of the books.  There will also be a set process for eligibility that will have to be talked about and decided on before the program begins.

Club Trivial Bowl:

Autumn McGimsey from the department of education came to talk about the club trivial bowl.  It is a trivial competition to see which club is the most globally aware.  She needs to know which clubs would like to participate by October 15th.  The quiz bowl will be taking place around the 19th of November.


Julian adjourned the meeting at 4:39pm.

Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor