Feminist Alliance

Who we are:

We are feminists. We are students, faculty and staff members of Cape Fear Community College who think that feminism is a very important part of our lives. We host events, including forums, movie screenings, and talks to raise awareness about the necessity of feminism.


The Feminist Alliance meets every Tuesday of the month at 2 pm in U-405 for the fall semester 2017. Our first event of the year 2017-2018 is the Informational Table on Feminism on November 14th where students and others can ask members of the Alliance questions about feminism and other related issues. Come and talk to us!!

Mission Statement:

  • To create a safe space for feminists to gather
  • To educate the CFCC community and the general public at large about feminism, systems of inequality, homophobia, and xenophobia
  • To talk about global environmental issues as feminist issues
  • To address racism as a parallel phenomenon to sexism
  • To understand how to be a feminist without apology
  • To continue the work of other feminists and to also foster the next generation of feminists

For more information contact:
Club Advisor: Yuna Shin
German Instructor
S 200-D

Check out CFCC Feminist Alliance Events 2016-2017. Be a part of this year’s crew!




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Chris Libert
Assistant Director
Student Activities/Athletics