Allisha LaGrange

Candidate for SGA Treasurer


My name is Allisha Lagrange and I am running for SGA treasurer. I was born in New Orleans and moved to North Carolina in 2012. I have been in the Army Reserves for over two years and am also a recent cancer survivor. I am currently a sophomore at CFCC and studying social work.  I held this role last year and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in this position.

Due to having been in this position in the past year and learning many different things about this organization, I feel I am qualified to hold this position for my last year at CFCC. I have been exposed to many different responsibilities in my life and feel I have developed the important skills of teamwork and communication.  I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at the end of my term and had to leave unexpectedly for a series of treatments. Because I had to leave and was not able to carry out all of my ideas that I had for my role, I would like to be elected again to complete a variety of new and innovative ideas and visions that I have. I look forward to continuing working with my fellow students as well as the other SGA members.

Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor