Danyelle Johnson

Candidate for SGA Vice President

SGA Danyelle

“Hello everyone my name is Danyelle Johnson and I am a first year student here at Cape Fear Community College.  As I am aware becoming the Vice President of the most influential association among the students on campus can be time consuming and requires dedication. I am prepared to step up to the podium and assume all of the duties that the SGA Vice President is asked to do. Whether it be, standing in for the President at a Board of Trustees meeting, volunteering, or visiting one of the many active clubs on campus, I intend to represent Cape Fear with dignity and pride.

By the end of next year’s term, I intend to have all of the clubs in both the North and Downtown campuses unified and aware of each other’s goals and desires. I also plan to speak with and listen to any and every student that has a problem or solution that they would like to discuss. My ultimate goal for this upcoming term will be to bring a sense of unity between the students, staff, and clubs.”


Contact Information

Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
SGA Advisor