Waleed Jarrad

Candidate for SGA President

SGA Waleed

My name is Waleed  C. Jarrad.  I am a student at Cape Fear attending the Sustainability technologies program and getting an Associate in Science. My overall goal in becoming an Executive officer is to increase ways that the student body can be heard. To be a reflection of the student desires and needs on campus considering the best interests of the students and other members of Cape Fear Community College.  I would like students to feel like they have ownership in CFCC.

My diverse experience on-campus as being a previous CFCC Student Ambassador has learned helped be more accessible, open-minded, and outgoing to address the needs of my students much like I would if elected as Student Body President. Also the training and experience has significantly grown my leadership abilities and strengthened my determination to be a relatable, positive role model. I’ve partnered with many campus departments and organizations to provide resources for students so I have become well acquainted with the broad range of students and campus initiatives.

On other hand, my experience off-campus as an Instructional Staff at W.R.A.A.P at Williston Middle School gave me experience and training in conflict resolution, mediation, large scale programming, team-building, diversity training, policy enforcement, and community development.

All elected offices require a tremendous time commitment, including but not limited to: Body meetings, committee meetings, office hours and tabling. I understand that in order to be a successful Student Body President, I will need to commit myself to the job. With that being said, I have already taken action to prevent myself from being over-committed, I will be taking a lighter course-load, and I will not be working two jobs simultaneously as I previously have. Furthermore, I would like to not only be accessible through office hours and email, but also by supporting my fellow students in the events that they work hard to organize and implement. I would like people to feel comfortable with coming to myself or any person in SGA to voice concerns or express ideas.


Waleed Jarrad

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Chris Libert
Student Activities Coordinator

Kenneth Hufham
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