Service Providers

Coastal Horizons Center

Outpatient Treatment Services
615 Shipyard Boulevard
Wilmington, NC 28412
Phone: (910) 343-0145
Hotline: (800) 672-2903

Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. promotes choices for healthier lives and safer communities by providing professional assistance to those in need of prevention, crisis intervention, criminal justice alternatives, community outreach, substance abuse and mental health treatment services. These services are provided to make a significant impact on the physical, emotional, and social development of children, adults, and families in our area.

Duke Partners in Caring

1209 Market St. Suite B
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone:( 910) 399-6384

The mission of PIC is to find ways to care for, educate, & serve people living with HIV/AIDS & others by offering innovative training, programming, & services to lessen the prevalence of HIV & substance abuse.

New Hanover County District Attorney

316 Princess Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: (910) 341-1401

The mission of the District Attorney’s Office is to seek justice by ensuring that victim’s rights and the public’s safety are our number one priority through the fair, equal, vigorous, and efficient enforcement of the criminal laws. The Office of the District Attorney is made up of 40 staff members representing the more than 200,000 people living in New Hanover and Pender Counties. We advise local law enforcement and prosecute every criminal matter in the territorial jurisdiction, where there are more than 70,000 traffic offenses & misdemeanors & over 5,000 felonies calendared each year.

New Hanover County Health Department

2029 South 17th Street
Wilmington, NC  28401
Phone: (910) 798-6660

The Health Department provides quality health care, preventive medical and dental services and environmental protection for New Hanover County citizens. These services include, but are not limited to, STD prevention, testing, treatment & counseling.

Open Gate Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.

2901 Market Street P.O. Box 1555
Wilmington, NC 28402
Phone: (910) 343-0703

To empower victims and their families to break the cycle of domestic violence, we provide shelter and on-going direct services. Services include crisis intervention, emergency shelter, peer counseling, information/referral, liaison between victims and agencies, advocacy, criminal justice system assistance, emergency transportation, provision of necessities (i.e., food, medication, and clothing and supplies from Vintage Values), support and educational groups, the Empowerment Curriculum, and children’s programs.

The Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons

609 Shipyard Blvd. Suite 106
Phone:( 910) 392-7460

This is a non-profit, stand alone rape crisis center serving ALL victims of sexual assault with 24 hour crisis response, individual counseling, information & referrals, & law enforcement/court advocacy & accompaniment in both Wilmington and Shallotte.


DePaolo Hall
601 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone:( 910) 962-7004

UNCW CARE intervenes on a broad spectrum of violent behaviors, including sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking and harassment. We offer a comprehensive variety of violence prevention and relationship education programs, trainings, and educational campaigns to the UNCW campus. We respond to students who have been victimized, as well as those affected by someone else’s experience with abuse or assault, by providing supportive services, including crisis response, individual advocacy and coordination with both on-campus and off-campus resources.