Ellucian GO Mobile App

Ellucian GO – CFCC’s GO Everywhere Mobile App for Your Android or Apple Device


elluciango The Ellucian GO Mobile app will help you stay connected to Cape Fear Community College like never before.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I Press the Home Menu Item (Upper Left), why do I only see a few options?

A: Your device may not have the most current configuration.  Choose the Switch School option, pick any other institution then switch back to CFCC.  This will reload CFCC’s configuration to your device.

Q: When I choose the Grades option I only get the message “There are no grades for this term.”.  But I know I have grades.

A: This is typically the result of a hold placed on your account by the College.  Be sure to look in Notifications to resolve any outstanding holds.

Q: I know I am using the right username and password.  Why do I get the message “Sign in Failed.”?

A: Many mobile devices have predictive keyboard options.  The keyboard may input a space after your username.  Be sure no extra characters are being added to the Username entry.

 Q: Important Numbers are not appearing.

A: Some items that do not change frequently, like phone numbers, will cache.  Depending on your data connection speed, the numbers may take an additional moment or two to load the first time.

Q: I don’t think I am seeing all of the Event Calendars or News Feeds.

A: Event Calendars and News Feeds have available filters.  Look for the Filter icon on either page and press it.  Select or De-Select the categories as appropriate.

 Operating Systems

Get the Ellucian GO App from Operating System Supported


Ellucian GO App   Android 4.0.3+


 Apple App Store  iOS 6.0+

App Installation:

  1. Install the app as you would any other on your device.
  2. Once Installed, you will be prompted to Choose your School.
  3. Scroll down to find Cape Fear Community College or Search for CFCC
  4. The Cape Fear Community College configuration will load to your device.
  5. Start exploring by choosing the Home menu item in the Upper Left.  You do not need to sign in for many app functions.