How to Make Payments Using Self-Service

1) Navigate to WebAdvisor at  Once logged in, click on the Student section and click on “View Account and Make Payments”.

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2) On the Self-Service page, check the “Select” box next to the balance you are wishing to pay and type in the amount you are paying in the “Amount to Pay” box.

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3) Choose a payment method from the drop down list, then click “Proceed to Payment”.

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4) Confirm the payment amount, then click “Pay Now”.

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5) Review the terms and conditions.  Click on “Accept Terms” once finished.

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6) Fill in your personal information, then click “Continue”.

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7) Review the information, then click “Submit”.  The system will then process your payment.

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8) Once the payment has been processed successfully, you will have the option to print the confirmation.  When finished, click on “Continue”.

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9)  The final page shows record of all payments on your account.  Click “Continue” when finished and you’ll be taken back to the initial screen which will show the remaining account balance (if any).

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