Minimum Computer Requirements

Here is a list of the minimum computer requirements recommended to students of Cape Fear Community College.  The applications used by the college may not function properly with anything less than these requirements.

PC (Windows 7 or higher)
Processor:  Intel 2.33GHz or faster
RAM:  1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)
Disk Space:  At least 20GB
Graphics Card
DVD Drive
Internet Connection
USB 2.0

Mac (OS Version 10.7 Lion or higher)
Processor:  Intel 1.86GHz or faster
RAM:  1GB or higher
Disk Space:  At least 20GB
DVD Drive
Internet Connection
USB 2.0

The following requirements are also suggested for optimal compatibility with Blackboard and SAM 2013:

IE 9 or 10
Safari 5 or higher
Firefox 24 or higher (Minor Copy/Paste Issue Reported w/ Firefox 29)
Chrome 30 or higher

Java and Other Plugins:
JRE version 7 or higher
Adobe Flash Player version 11 or higher

Other Software:
Adobe Reader 8 or higher
Microsoft Office 2013

For Best Performance:
***Firefox is the recommended browser for Blackboard.
***A wired internet connection (not wireless) is preferred for taking tests in Blackboard.
***In Windows 8, do not use Internet Explorer Metro.  Navigate to the Desktop to access browser.