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Want to estimate what your GPA will be at the end of this semester?
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Then use our GPA calculator above. Here's how:

  1. JavaScript must be enabled for the GPA Calculator to work.
  2. Enter your prior college credit from CFCC to establish your current GPA. Enter your Cumulative Hours Attempted  and Cumulative Grade Points. If you are a transfer student, include only Cumulative Hours Attempted  and Cumulative Grade Points earned at CFCC.
  3. Enter the grades you think you will make in each course and the hours of credit for each course. Press the "calculate" button. This will display a calculation of your new cumulative GPA.

  4. To determine what grades you must make to improve your GPA to a certain level (For example, how many hours of "A" do I need to move from a 1.8 to a 2.5) you must try several scenarios. You might try entering grades in various combinations to see what impact certain grades will have on your cumulative average.