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Benoit Justafort, Computer Engineering Technology

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Benoit Justafort, Computer Engineering Technology

Benoit Justafort is a 2012 graduate from CFCC’s Computer Engineering Technology program.  Originally from Haiti, Benoit came to the United States seeking better career opportunities.  He went to night school to learn English and complete his GED, and on the day he received his legal residence, he joined the United States Marines.  “I wanted to serve my country,” he said.

After serving for four years, Benoit left the Marine Corps to spend more time with his family.  He worked as a truck driver, a construction worker, an insurance agent, a real estate agent, and a mortgage officer.  When the economy collapsed in 2008, Benoit had trouble making ends meet.  He decided to come back to school at CFCC.  “I believed that opportunity was there,” he said, “but I knew I had to make it.”

Today, Benoit has a great job as a Flexible Fuel Operator at GE.  “CFCC was my bridge to prosperity and stability,” he says.  “The American dream starts with education.”