Placement Testing Schedule

Sessions are posted approximately 2 weeks in advance.  Testing sessions will  be available every week of the year that the college is open.  We encourage you to test as soon as possible. 

Graduating HS students DO NOT need to wait until their HS transcript has been received to test.

If you are taking the English AND the Math Parts of the Placement Test, please allow approximately 3-4 hours to complete your test.  

  • Picture ID of any kind is required.
  • The test starts promptly at the scheduled time.  Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • You cannot use your own calculator on the Math test.  Some, not all, Math questions have a pop up calculator that you can use.  Any other calculator usage is not allowed.
  • If you cannot attend the session you have signed up for, you can sign up for the next available session.  You do not need to call us to reschedule.
  • If you are a student with a documented disability in need of accommodations during your placement test, please contact the Disability Services Office prior to scheduling.  The Disability Services Office is located in Union Station – 218 or can be reached at 910.362.7800.
  • Sign up below: Navigate the Calendar, CLICK ON A DATE AND TIME (please note the location).  

YOUR CFCC STUDENT ID NUMBER IS REQUIRED TO SIGN UP FOR TESTING. (Your CFCC ID # is on the Welcome Letter and Welcome Email that was sent to you from the Admissions Office).  IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR 7-DIGIT CFCC ID# PUT “DON’T KNOW” IN THE REQUIRED BOX.

If you are testing for the Con-Ed EMT class or Con-ED First Responder Academy and don’t have a CFCC ID # you can just put EMT in the ID Field; The same goes for Wilmington FD Firefighters who are taking EMT.

Please make sure to have your CFCC ID # written down – or stored on your phone – when you come to your test session.  You will need your CFCC ID # when you log in to the test.

  • You can take the test on the campus that is most convenient.
  • Print a copy of your confirmation email and place on your dash.
  • For more information click here for:  FAQ’s About the Placement Test.
  • For Assistance, call 910-362-7045 or email


Union Station (U) and McKeithan Center (NA)

Office Telephone: