Inside the Studio

The TV Studio is a complete in-house production facility, producing television content from start to finish.  We can shoot video in various formats, including the Red One Digital 4k, 1080/720 high definition, and standard definition.  There is access to an isolation booth with digital sound recording capabilities.  Adobe Premiere Pro is our primary workhorse for editing the final project together before uploading it to the web or burning it to a DVD.

Studio Staff

Timothy Vandenberg, TV/Video Production Specialist

Tim graduated in 1998 from Western Carolina University earning a Bachelor of Science in Television and Radio Production.   He has been a proud member of the CFCC family since 2004.  Tim started his career by moving to NYC in 1999 where he worked as an intern on NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”  A little over a year later he accepted a job at WECT Ch6 in Wilmington as a News Videographer and Live Van Operator.  Tim worked for 5 years with WECT before accepting the job he has today here at CFCC.  In his free time Tim enjoys traveling, writing, directing independent films, and fishing.

John Palmer, TV/Video Production Technician

John graduated in 2014 from the CFCC Film and Video Production Program with honors and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He previously attended UNC Asheville, where he studied in the New Media program (Graphic/ Web design, Animation, and Film) for 2 years before returning to Wilmington to pursue the rest of his training and career.  John has worked professionally in the field since 2014 but has been shooting/ editing video since he was 12.  In the past he mainly worked as a freelance videographer/ editor with several local production companies, mainly as a camera operator or Ronin 3-axis Gimbal Operator.  He has worked various positions in various departments on local independent feature films, TV, and commercials. He has been able to work will several worldwide corporations and well-known musicians. Shooting many live events, concerts, conferences, real estate, fashion, and corporate videos; in Florida, Washington, New York, Chicago, Virginia, and North/ South Carolina.  He has been involved with the Cucalorus Film Festival in varying degrees for the past 4 years. He has been both a filmmaker, volunteer, Media Manager (2015), and currently working as a volunteer Programmer for 2016 .  John first began working at CFCC in Fall of 2015 as a Learning Lab Tutor for the Film and Video Production department, He had also been a substitute teacher for several film classes before receiving my current position with the TV Studio in May 2016 .  In his free time John enjoys the outdoors, hanging out with my Golden Retriever, attending concerts, watching films, and helping out on various “just for fun” and Non- Profit projects.

I’m very happy to be working here and am glad to still be involved in the educational field!


Tim Vandenberg
TV/Video Production Specialist
Office: 910-362-7444
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