Student Veteran Attendance Policy

CFCC recognizes the unique situations student veterans sometimes face which can affect their attendance. If a stu­dent veteran receives orders for unexpected short-term de­ployment or training, or for medical appointments, he/she may receive absences totaling 30 percent of the total clock hours of a class. The 30 percent includes a combination of the 20 percent allowed by the college policy (unexcused ab­sences) plus an extra 10 percent (excused absences). In most cases, absences in excess of 30 percent would result in the student receiving a grade of “W” for the course.

A student seeking an excused absence should first present or­ders/documentation to the CFCC Veteran Affairs Coordina­tor, to be shared with the respective Department Chair and the student’s instructor.

The college acknowledges that some classes, such as biology and clinicals in allied health programs, have unique content; it may not be possible for a student to receive an extension on the assignments in these courses.

We also recognize that there will be unique cases that will require the exercise of sound judgment. Instructors are en­couraged to discuss these cases with their Department Chair and the Veterans Affairs Coordinator. Our collective goal is to assist student veterans in completing their course of study

Student veterans that are currently serving in the Guard/Re­serve must adhere to the College’s No Show Policy by at­tending all of their classes before the deployment or training begins. Veterans unable to attend the beginning of the semester should register for the second mini classes when available. (Example, if you have a Military School/AT that begins before the start of the semester, you will need to delay your registration until the next applicable date.)

2015-2016 Catalog