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Electrical Systems Technology

The Electrical Systems Technology curriculum is designed to provide training for persons interested in the installation and maintenance of electrical/electronic systems found in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Training, most of which is hands-on, will include such topics as AC/DC theory, basic wiring practices, digital electronics, programmable logic controllers, industrial motor controls, the National Electric Code, and other subjects as local needs require. Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs in the electrical/electronic field as an on-the-job trainee or apprentice, assisting in the layout, installation, and maintenance of electrical/electronic systems.

Program Details

A.A.S. DEGREE (A35130)

Major Courses:

Number Course Title Credits
ALT 120 Renewable Energy Tech 3
CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy 2
ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity 5
ELC 113 Residential Wiring 4
ELC 114 Commercial Wiring 4
ELC 115 Industrial Wiring 4
ELC 117 Motors and Controls 4
ELC 118 National Electrical Code 2
ELC 119 NEC Calculations 2
ELC 121 Electrical Estimating 2
ELC 125 Diagrams & Schematics 2
ELC 128 Introduction to PLC 3
ELC 213 Instrumentation 4
ELC 220 Photovoltaic Systems Technologies 3
ELC 221 Advanced Photovoltaic Systems Designs 3
ELC 228 PLC Applications 4
HYD 110 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I 3
ISC 112 Industrial Safety 2
total credits 56


General Education:

ENG 111 Expository Writing 3
ENG 114 Professional Research/Reporting 3
MAT 121 Algebra/Trig I 3
Behavioral/Social Sci. Elective 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
total credits 15

The five semester sequence of courses recommended for the full-time student is:

CIS 111
ELC 112
ELC 113
ISC 112
MAT 121
ELC 114
ELC 117
ELC 118
ELC 125
ENG 111
ALT 120
ELC 115
ELC 119
ELC 220
ELC 121
ELC 128
ELC 213
ENG 114
Humanities/Fine Arts Elect
ELC 228
ELC 221
HYD 110
Soc / Behav Sci Elective

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Wilmington, NC 28401

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4500 Blue Clay Road
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Burgaw Center
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Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Accessibility Services

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