Work-based Learning (WBL) is a college work experience and internship program that gives students college credit for on-the-job learning. These work experiences or internships, whether paid or unpaid, help students master skills related to their majors and future careers. Interested students should use the following steps to get started in a WBL class.


Getting Started

Apply to register for a WBL class. Make sure your program offers WBL class. Then, submit your application directly to your program’s WBL instructor. Minimum enrollment requirements are listed on the application. Once you are approved by your instructor and department chair, you will be allowed to register for your WBL courses.

Find a position related to your major and career goals. If you need help with this step, speak to your instructor and visit our Career Pathway Coordinator. Make sure your instructor approves your position!

During Your Work Experience

Keep up with your workbook and required forms. Contact your instructor as soon as the semester begins, as you will need to complete your Work-based Learning workbook to document your work experience. Check with your instructor for additional guidelines for your program.

After Your Work Experience

Turn in your completed workbook before the last day of the semester. Your grade for this course will reflect the effort you put forth to accomplish the learning objectives that you, your supervisor, and your instructor will set at the beginning of your work experience. Your workbook is the place to document your hard work and accomplishments.

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