Wilmington Volunteer Program Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Cape Fear Community College Wilson Center. Unfortunately, we do not have any open volunteer opportunities at this time.

We will retain your application for our records and, when volunteer opportunities become available, you application will be immediately considered. You will be notified of the next volunteer training at that time.

1 General Information
2 Experience
3 Interests
4 Personality
5 Emergency Contact
6 References
7 Agreement and Virtual Signature
  • I understand that I will need to attend a 3 hr. training and sign a Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability prior to volunteering at the Wilson Center. I will be expected to provide my own uniform as described in the volunteer manual. I will be expected to read training materials and to watch all necessary training videos prior to working a show. I will be expected to train as a volunteer for the first 10 shows. I understand that after my initial 10 trainings that I still may not be guaranteed a spot on the Wilson Center's list of volunteers.

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