NC Works State-Funded Customized Training Programs

What we do

State-Funded Customized Training Programs provide education, training and support services for new, expanding and existing businesses in North Carolina. Our goal is to keep your company strong, profitable and most importantly… in North Carolina.

Customized Training Programs are designed to make a difference in your bottom line, whether your organization is creating jobs, investing in new machinery and equipment, or streamlining processes for efficiency.

Customized Training Programs will create success for your company and your employees by quickly responding to industry’s changing skills needs.

Why we do it

We recognize that the availability of a well-trained workforce is a critical consideration in your decision to locate, expand or remain in North Carolina.

Do you qualify?

There are two easy qualifications to determine eligibility:


Your business must be in a specific targeted industry. If your company is in one of the following industries, then you meet the first qualification.
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Warehousing or distribution
  • Air courier service
  • Civil service operation



Your business must be investing in North Carolina. If your company is doing one of the following, then you meet the second qualification.
  • Capital Improvements – purchasing new equipment, expanding facilities or moving to a new location
  • Personnel Expansion – hiring new employees
  • Productivity Enhancements – taking actions to increase efficiency


That’s it. If you meet the two qualifications you are eligible for a Customized Training Program. It’s that easy.

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