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A Message from the President

As Wilmington and the entire country react to the death of George Floyd and the racial inequities that exist throughout the nation, Cape Fear Community College wants to assure our students and campus community that we believe in equity and justice. CFCC condemns racism, bigotry, and the unfair treatment of minority populations. Whether these injustices are occurring in cities across the nation or in our own backyard, it is vital for us to have tough conversations, to examine and challenge our own beliefs, to educate ourselves, and to take an active role in promoting equality and denouncing racism.

Cape Fear Community College’s mission is one of inclusivity and support for our entire community through the power of education. We strive to foster an environment in which our students and employees can learn from one another by providing a safe place for meaningful discussion, growth, and community. CFCC believes that education has the power to create positive change. Our students enroll here because they believe that advancing their education will create better opportunities for them in the future. Faculty and staff are here because they know our programs can broaden students’ worldview and increase their career options. Now, perhaps more than ever, we must promote education and its transformative power. We must give space to new ideas and listen carefully and respectfully to viewpoints that challenge our own.

We believe the qualities uniting us are far more common than those that threaten to tear us apart, but we must recognize that racial inequity exists and work together to create the peace we all desire.

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