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Blackboard Overview

Need help with Blackboard?

Here are some tips

Technical Requirements for Using Blackboard
Step 1: Recommended Browsers

Online Learning recommends using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for accessing Blackboard.

Please note: Some CFCC applications such as SAM require the use of Internet Explorer.

A list of all supported browsers is available from Blackboard.

Step 2:Browser Check

Perform a Browser Check to ensure your web browser is compatible with Blackboard.

Step 3: Install Java

It is extremely important to have the latest version of Java installed to ensure that Blackboard functions properly.

Step 4: Additional Browser Plug-ins

The following add-ins are recommended:

Logging into Blackboard and Accessing your Course(s).

There are two ways to access Blackboard:

  1. Go to and click the My Classes button or
    • Log in using your CFCC Username and Password
    • If you cannot log in or need your username or password, visit the Student HelpDesk or follow these directions to reset your password.
  2. After you log in look for the My Courses box to see a list of courses you can access.
    Note: Only the current semester’s courses will be listed. Course numbers containing a Z (ex: ACA122-I1Z) will not be available until the beginning of the 2nd Mini Session.
Navigation in Blackboard View a help page on Navigating in the course environment, including the Course Menu and Course-to-Course Navigation .
Using the Discussion Board
Using the Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is an area where students can discuss a designated topic. You have the ability to post messages, reply, and (possibly) attach files to your discussion.

Accessing the Discussion Board

Typically, you will find the Discussion Board on the Course Menu/Navigation.

Some instructors may place any required discussions under a Module or Unit area. The instructor will let you know where you can access the discussion boards.

How to Use the Discussion Board

Blackboard Original
Blackboard Original – Step-by-Step Instructions
Blackboard Original – Video Tutorial

Blackboard Ultra
Blackboard Ultra – Step-by-Step Instructions
Blackboard Ultra – Video Tutorial

Submitting Assignments
Submitting Assignments

With this tool, you can submit assignments (essays, reflection papers, etc). Your instructor can grade assignments and provide feedback. Depending on the configuration by your instructor, you can either type in your submission or attach a document.

How to Submit an Assignment
Blackboard Original

Blackboard Ultra

Taking Tests and Quizzes
Taking Tests Online

Before beginning a test in Blackboard, please be sure to check that your computer meets the technical requirements listed earlier in this Tutorial under Getting Started.

Blackboard Original
Blackboard Original: Test Overview Video

Blackboard Ultra
Taking a Test in Blackboard Ultra

Please Consider the Following During Test Taking:
Only use a computer with a wired internet connection – do not try to take a test using a wireless connection or on a mobile device.

For timed exams, if you are able to save your questions and navigate away from the exam, the timer is still running.

Only ever have one window or tab open when taking an online test.

If you need to type a long essay (more than a few sentences), consider typing it in a word processor and copying/pasting it into Blackboard. This way, your work will not be lost if you encounter technical difficulties.

Viewing Grades
Viewing Your Grades in Blackboard

You can easily check all course Grades from the Universal Base Navigation Bar (UBN). If you are currently enrolled in a Blackboard Original Course, you can locate your grades by clicking the Grades link located on the left-hand navigation toolbar located in the course. If your course is in the new Blackboard Ultra version you can click the Gradebook icon located at the top right-hand corner of your course to go into your grade book.

Checking Your Grades
Blackboard Original

Blackboard Ultra

Watch video on YouTube
Emailing from Blackboard
Sending Emails

You can conveniently send email to classmates, instructors, and groups directly from the Universal Base Navigation (UBN) or within your course. These emails will go to the official (valid) CFCC email address of your recipient. Sent messages are not stored in Blackboard. Keep in mind that your professor may choose to turn this feature off.

How to Send Email in Blackboard

Backboard Original

Backboard Ultra

Getting Help

Need Help?

Course Material or Course Content Questions:

Any questions that specifically relate to any material or content within a course must be directed to that course’s instructor.
Accessing Blackboard / Logging In:

For problems logging into Blackboard or MyCFCC, contact the Student HelpDesk .

For problems occurring after hours, you may log a ticket with the 24/7 HelpDesk by calling 1-877-708-2938.

Additional Help Learning Blackboard

After completing the Tutorial if you would like additional help navigating Blackboard or learning about the tools, visit the Online Learning website .

Phone: 910-362-7772
Office Location: L-220 (Downtown Campus)

Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions:

You can read some of CFCC students most common questions about Blackboard by visiting our Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions page .

Using Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate is an area where students and instructors can meet to discuss course material, and engage via the web (live) with your instructor.

How to Use Collaborate:

Blackboard Ultra

Need Computer Basics 101? – Read This!

Students who are new to or not yet fully comfortable using technology may find the following free resources by helpful to complete before reviewing the Blackboard Tutorial.

For a complete list of topics available, please visit .

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