Registration Information

Important Information for All Students

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and/or American Express)
  • Personal or Company Check (only if class is for 5 days or more, or if pre-registering two weeks prior to course starting date) must be made out to CFCC
  • Money Order
  • Certified Funds
  • Exact Cash, accepted 8am-5pm (sorry, we can’t make change)

Financial Aid

Financial aid is not available for Continuing Education courses. Tuition for students enrolling in courses to prepare individuals for employment, or upgrade the skills of workers already employed (Occupation Extension) may vary. However, fees may be established for self-supporting seminars and courses according to the schedule below; in some cases more than normal expenses to the College may be incurred. Such charges may cover the cost of instructional materials and/or textbooks required in such classes.

The North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges is responsible for our fee structure for Occupational Extension courses. These fees are subject to change.

Continuing Education Occupational Extension (per course)

1 – 24 hours ………….$ 70.00

25 – 50 hours…………$125.00

50+ hours……………..$180.00

Students who take an Occupational Extension course more than twice within a five-year period, unless required for certification, re-certification, or licensure, are required to pay a different formula rate per contact hour. To check the current rate you can visit the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges FTE Values.

Continuing Education fees vary depending on the course classification. Some programs, such as Basic Skills, Emergency Services, and Human Resources Development, may be fee waived.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

The Refund Policy is established by the NC General Assembly for all NC community colleges. If any courses are cancelled by CFCC, a full refund will be given. Students do not have to request a refund in this case.

Refund requests and withdrawals must be made in writing by the student (no exceptions). Refund request forms are available at each class site. A request for refund and withdrawal may be done by letter.

  1. A 100-percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from a course before the first date of the course meeting. A written request must be dated and received by the Continuing Education department, or instructor before the first date of course meeting.
  2. A 75-percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from a course before, or on the “10-percent date” of scheduled hours. A written request must be dated and received by the Continuing Education department, or instructor before or on the “10-percent date” of scheduled hours. Students are responsible for obtaining the “10-percent date” from their instructor on the first course meeting.


Students directed to purchase books from the CFCC bookstore can call (910) 362-7379 for bookstore hours. The bookstore downtown is located on the ground floor, room L004, of the “L” (Health Sciences/Learning Resource Center) building, on the 400 block of Front Street. The bookstore at the North Campus is located on the ground floor of the McKeithan Center (NA-114).


Students can obtain a copy of their Continuing Education transcript through Con Ed Transcript Request.

Continuing Education Parking Pass

All parking passes may be obtained at the Continuing Education Office on the 5th floor of the Union Station Building, 502 N Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401 in person Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm for classes on the Main Campus.

*Courses which are scheduled on Saturday, decals will be sent via email or will be handed out in class.*

Students are required to display parking passes on vehicles parked on campus at any site.

Contact Us

Check each class section for telephone numbers for further information.

  • Nurse Aide courses are registered on-site only. Call (910) 362-7181
  • For Pender County courses, call (910) 362-7900 or (910) 362-7930
  • For Small Business call (910) 362-7216 or (910) 362-7469
  • For Community Enrichment call (910) 362-7254 or (910) 362-7199
  • For all other courses, call (910) 362-7370
  • Please check our Continuing Education webpage for our Staff Directory.